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Internet services for Design Control (DzKt) are in development. Clients please note the goals below, and . This site is not yet developed enough to initiate new clients, but please check-back soon.

Business Plan

Prior Plan: For over 30 years, almost all Design Control (DzKt) jobs have constituted industrial control systems. Work has been completed for heavy manufacturing (e.g. automotive, aeronautical, chemical, mining), light manufacturing and commercial (e.g. ribbon manufacturing, small motors, auto parts, custom welding, thermos bottles, sewing automation, manufacturing and distribution conveyors). Design Control has previously produced documentation, drawings & specs, programming, electrical supervision, electrical check-out, start-up, and as-built documentation.

New Plan: DzKt sole employee, Edward Larry Bowman, will act as contract labor to help with electrical drafting, programming, and producing technical HTML/PDF documentation. Clients will perform direct engineering of their job/project when needed - ALL WORK BY DzKt EXCLUDES ENGINEERING.

The advantage available to the client with this plan, is to leave their own engineers in direct control of their project, while increasing productivity with added DzKt services. Client personnel will accomplish all on-site requirements. DzKt will accomplish off-site office tasks delineated above. Instruction details to DzKt will be typically less than required by others performing the same service as DzKt, due to DzKt proficiency and knowledge of the subjects. DzKt charges are fair - higher than a worker unskilled in Industrial Systems; but less expensive than corporate contract labor. If you NEED to hire responsible engineers, please hire the more expensive contract corporate help who offer those services.

DzKt will not be present on client site at all. Qualified client personnel will be responsible for all engineering aspects of their job/project, collecting pertinent field data, and forwarding that information to DzKt with pertinent instructions for its use. These qualified client personnel (engineer, supervisor, etc) will check (including codes/legal) Design Control submittals for suitability, proper operability, etcetera. (While DzKt mistakes are possible, they are usually few.) Client will arrange alteration of DzKt submittals as they see fit. (DzKt will NEVER knowingly produce submittals which conflict with codes, law, etc., or are knowingly dangerous compared to alternatives.) Client personnel are then responsible to build, start-up, train personnel, and determine as-built documentation requirements to complete the job/project.

DzKt is a single person, private proprietorship, but is developing an international co-operative league. (Co-opLeague is not yet emerged from the planning stage.) The Co-op will enable individuals to readily interact with other individuals, and thereby provide customers with every advantage a large corporation could provide, but with few of the disadvantages.

DzKt is also currently developing residential hardwired automation. The residential automation development uses inexpensive sensing components on inexpensive bus systems, with relays and small programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The PLCs connect serially, or by ethernet, to embedded controllers, which enable interconnection of distributed control, lighting systems, with heat/air systems, with occupancy systems, etc. Secure control of everything is possible from any computer or tablet. If a smart phone controls, security is reduced, while convenience increases. Using this type system allows control of almost everything in a residence for a much reduced cost compared to existing control systems. Battery replacement is not generally required. As little as possible is custom design: almost everything is open system, allowing anyone with proper skills for that system to alter or maintain the installation. Competing existing systems typically use wireless control, which are insecurely exposed to internet hackers.



Projects are typically privately contracted, and are thereby visible only by people with clearance and the need to know, as dictated by job/project owners and administrators. Internet sub-domain, , allows individual Job or Project information private display, and file exchange.

Some example project documents, for public presentation, are planned, but none are currently available.